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New Provider Information

One of the most asked questions I receive is, "what information do I need as a new provider for enrollment and credentialing?" I'm also asked if I have phone numbers for the major insurance companies. Yes, I do and it's attached to this awesome blog!

There are a few different business structures a new provider can create. I attached a list showing just a few, hoping it can help.

Another question I receive frequently is, "Do you have the phone number for a certain insurance company?" I attached a list of common insurance phone numbers. Please keep in mind that many states have their own version of a national insurance company.

For example, Hawaii has HMSA, which is Blue Cross Blue Shield. Another example is, Hawaii has an insurance called Alohacare, but it's only in Hawaii. Last example, Hawaii has MedQuest which is Medicaid. So, please do your due diligence and look up your local insurance companies phone numbers.

I added a nice little slideshow with great information to have. I hope this can help! Since it is a slideshow, you need to click the expand symbol in order to view the whole page.

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