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2022 Is Finally Here!! My Journey becoming a Virtual Assistant!

Hello Friends! Welcome Back!

Finally, we get to say good-bye to the craziness of 2021 and welcome the craziness of 2022. Is it really out with the old and in with the new? Or is it, let's roll with the crazy from before? I chose, let's start over! I needed a re-do on my life, so I made some changes.

***I do NOT know the author of this quote. But I found it fitting for my life***

My New Beginning for 2022

I've been managing a medical and behavioral health billing, credentialing and accounts receivable department for a long time. Although I absolutely love my job, my coworkers and everything in between, I felt like my life was missing something.

I worked over 50 hours per week, have a large family, husband deploying often, kids sports, etc. Yes, a slightly hectic life. Then, my life changed after several different events. My mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away soon afterwards. My oldest daughter started at a University on the mainland (we live in Hawaii). My older sons are either in college on the mainland or already have begun their careers. Then, my husband deployed.

One day, my 8 year old son was crying and I was unable to console him. Finally, he broke down and told me how sad he was from my mom's death, his daddy being deployed and now he feels lonely with his siblings gone (my youngest daughter is a junior in high school). He then told me the heart breaker, he's afraid I'm going to die like my mom because I work too much and he doesn't see me. He then said when I'm home, I'm always on my laptop working instead of playing with him. BAM!!! Just like that, reality hit me in the face. I was not giving my kids the attention and strength they needed and deserved! Something needed to change, quickly!

Becoming a Virtual Assistant

I needed a change in my life. I was familiar with Virtual Assistants, but didn't have actual experience. So I started researching and reached out to several successful VA's with their own businesses. They were extremely nice and helpful and was willing to take the time to answer my questions and give advice. This is when I realized, I can do this and be successful as well.

I researched the market for my career sector and virtual assistants. I then created my website, Facebook page and began the task of trying to get my name and business out into the world. I didn't receive any calls or inquiries for a long time. I began to feel defeated and humiliated. I truly felt I made the wrong decision and to give up. My kids told me to keep going and to stick with it. Since this was my dream, I didn't want to give up either. After many months, I finally received my first contract. It was a very small contract but it was mine. That gave me the push I needed. I started receiving more contracts and more inquiries.

New Year! New Me!

I knew in my heart making a change is what's best not only for myself, but for my family as well. I gave my job a 30 day notice and chose 12/30/2021 was my final day. My job gave me the best and most emotional send off. My boss and coworkers kept telling me how proud they are of me and how I'm going to be successful. That meant the world to me.

Today is 01/01/2022. I'm officially my own boss! My children haven't stopped smiling since I broke the news. Their smiles showed me that I made the right decision. Am I scared? Yes, but I can't live my life in fear. What if I fail? Well, I failed Algebra two years in a row in high school and still went to a great college.

I'm sharing this bio about me in hopes of inspiring someone else. There are many others in the same situation as my own and are probably afraid to take that leap. Once you're ready to leap, you'll know in your heart it's the best decision.

  • Follow you're own dreams

  • Create your own path in life

  • Don't expect someone else to create your happiness

  • You won't know you're successful if you quit

Mahalo for reading!

Until we meet again...

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